Sabtu, 8 November 2008

remember, remember, 5th of november..

today is already 8th of november..hehe..

on the 5th november, big bang released their 2nd korean full album, Vol 2 - Remember..
the song i loved the most (at the moment) from the album is track no 6, wonderful.. it reminded me why i actually love the boys.. ^^

truth to be told, i was frustrated with their Number 1 album.. the Number 1 track is quite ok, but the other tracks..gaaa~.. i wonder why YG said he's very proud of that album.. the Remember album definitely suit my tastes better..

if to comment on Remember, i wonder why they bother to do remix on bikbeng's past hits such as Lies and Last Farewell and acoustic for Haru Haru.. i think they better off as they are originally..

poor TOP get hospitalized for overworking and exhaustion preparing for bikbeng's comeback scheduled on the 8th (today?..).. this is the second time he got hospitalized out of exhaustion.. the 1st time was during their busy schedule for lies promotion (if i'm not mistaken).. get well soon TOP~.. looking at how hardworking they are, no wonder bikbeng is one of the tops in kpop industry nowadays..

ari tu time balik umah sempat tgk music bank kat 303.. byk artis yg kenal.. hyori ade.. suju ade.. 2 am ade.. inyoung ade.. shinee ade.. dan ade lagi2 yg xdpt di ingat..excited plak~~ XD bigbang dapat no 1 both ntuk single haru2 ngan album stand up~.. tapi time tu derg xde.. wat promotion kat jepun TT .. xpenah bernasib baik tgk bikbeng kat tv..

i hardly listen or watch any jdo or jpop song anymore.. anime was also in the past (except for gundam 00 s2).. even manga i am only following those i had followed from the start during my anime craze time such as NANA, ouran and eyeshield 21.. eyeshield 21 seem to came to the end so that left only NANA and ouran..

i'm hoping gundam 00 dont disappoint me as geass r2 had as this is hopefully the last anime series i'll be following (insyaallah).. i was already frustrated seeing graham turning to some maniac masked man and the old lockon (neil) dead in the 1st season.. at 1st i dont really like lyle, mayb bcuz evry1 (including me) are expecting him to be same as the dead lockon.. but now, i already to start like him as lyle and not look at him as his brother.. ( i luv the neil's shooting gesture during the OP~ it remind me of how i like that guy so muuuuuchh~ XD.. he is after all, the only normal gundam meister out of the 4.. )

instead of jdo/jpop, i'm more into kdo/kpop..currently i'm listening mostly to korean songs.. especially big bang ( break seminggu after esq ;p), epik high (they have great songs with great lyrics) and few songs from wondergirls, osts.. the japanese era had ended.. even laruku is something in the past.. and most possibly the korean era will also end together with my graduation..

then, let's find a new interest.. wonder what next?

-rain pt 2 is in the making.. get stuck halfway >< -