Ahad, 30 November 2008

nana 79

::excerpt from NANA Chapter 79 - credits to Room 708::

apakah agaknye yg sebenarnye tejadi antara Hachi dan Takumi? But it looks like both of them are suffering.. dalam chapter2 lepas ada Takumi mention that Hachi insist on staying in Japan.. there was also a scene when Junko mentioned about divorce, Hachi strongly opposed the idea, saying it was impossible (probably because their children).. even when Takumi when back home once, it was like Takumi was trying to reach out to her..

jangan la ending die Hachi ngan Nobu or Takumi ngan Reira (sgt diragui)... for me, Nobu is probably the one that truly loves Hachi till the end.. but still, i am still hoping Hachi will be with Takumi.. Takumi in the present and the future arc had changed drastically ever since their marriage.. he even confessed to the late Ren, if Hachi ever leave him(most probably due to his numerous affairs and scandals), his life will be only battle everywhere..

Reira.. i never liked her.. takmo..