Isnin, 26 Julai 2010

drama review: oh! my lady

first of all, let me warning you : this review most probably biased since I'm at the moment have a HUUUUGE crush on Choi Si Won, but that does not mean it's not an enjoyable drama.. it's a very funny and cute, although it does not cause a hype or phenomenal like Boys Over Flowers or You're Beautiful..

Let me introduce you to our main characters which were the main reasons I started to watch this drama:

Chae Rim - her most famous and all-time favorite drama ought to be All About Eve. I had watched her post AAE dramas - powerful opponents, dalja's spring - none left me a good impression as AAE. Thus though i'm interested to watch O!ML when i heard her casted as the female lead, it does not give me the push to actually watch this one.. - and i"m glad i did not missed this..

Choi Siwon - truthfully, before this i'm not a SuJu fan, so i have no idea who was this guy, not even bother to have a glance at Javabeans drama reviews since i'm not interested. Looks to me like just another rookie actor, never that i knew i am gonna fell hard for him after the drama ends!

as if being fate, one day while watching KBS2, SuJu was promoting their then latest single BONAMANA.. my eye caught this one interesting, tall, cute guy.. quickly google and found him! --> Choi Siwon and he just wrapped up O!ML..

Yup!.. this guy was the sole purpose i start to watch this drama (and become a SuJu follower too).. but the story plot and all the actors' convincing acting that kept me wanting more and more after each of episodes of Oh! My Lady.. and i like Choi Siwon even more because of the impression he left me.. can't wait to watch Athena..

The central of the drama revolves around one star-actor at the top of ent industry, Sung Min Woo. He's a famous actor, all girls (and even ahjummas) will squeal whenever they see him even only on TV. Not because of he's acting as he is notably known as a lousy actor, but because he is such an eye-candy. He's a snob and an arrogant jerk due to his stardom but do feel insecurity in his acting especially during interview session when he'll unconsciously be shaking his legs uncontrollably..

Never had crossed the mind of a-divorcee with a daughter, Yoon Gae Hwa that she will seal her fate when she coincidentally become Sung Min Woo housekeeper for one day - and burnt the poor guy shirt he was supposed to wear to a fanmeeting and totally forgot about it..

Life starts to change for Sung Min Woo, when his 6-year old daughter, Ye Eun arrived at his doorstep.. Afraid of his image will be tarnish, he denied the girl, even tried to left the girl on the streets but unsuccessful..

behind the scene of the episode Sung Min Woo planned to leave Ye Eun on the streets.. Choi Siwon actually looks attached to 'his' daughter

Although this drama may fall under the categorization of love story, for me its more of a family drama and how a person developed himself into a better better better person than he used to be

In this drama, we able to see how Sung Min Woo grow up to be a responsible, matured person because of Yoon Gae Hwa nagging and scolding him, to remind (or forced) him of responsibility.. How Sung Min Woo changes as he became to love Ye Eun and able to publicly admit her birthright, no longer selfishly pushing her aside for his career..
How Ye Eun became the bridge for Min Woo and Gae Hwa bickering and led them to something more..
How in the end Min Woo able to prove he had become not only a better person as a whole but also a better actor..

And I get to see how cute Choi Siwon is! :P

Overally, there's a lot of funny moments here.. Relatively speaking, some of kdramas do get draggy and boring at one part,but not for this one though.. In every episode you'll able to feel annoyance, sad and also laugh your heart out..

This drama greatly points out how a reporter can bring down one big name in the entertainment industry within a blink of an eye but also the one that make one rise again.. so all the artists out there, beware!

Interestingly, one thing that you obviously notice in O!ML is life is like a deja vu.. but it gave you a totally different meaning the 2nd time around.. you'll understand if you watch this drama..

look like a real one happy family (this is not one of the drama scene ye)

I'll end my longest post ever for the past months.. 'll catch up with you later.. Before I leave, I left you with my favorite pics of Choi Siwon, the sleepy Sung Min Woo..

Ahad, 18 Julai 2010

fairy tale

have you heard a story of a possible happy ending but eventually it ends the other way around..

i guess that's reality..

but an ending can also be just another beginning of a new story..

come, let me tell you a story..

once upon a time,

i have no idea!

its been ages since I updated this blog..

a lot of things happen in these few months..
personal-wise and career-wise.. but have no idea on how how to convey the story..
-- alhamdulillah, been to mecca and madina for a short umrah trip in may :) ,, kalau ada rezeki, mau pegi lagi!
-- found a new eye candy : a very cute guy named choi si won :P (tinggi!)
-- looking forward for all the uncertainties awaits me, even if it's a fairy tale without a definite ending.. life is no fun and excitement without surprises, be it for worse or for better (hopefully the latter) =)


p/s: teringat kata2 una suruh berenti berharap kat siwon..hahaha.. XD