Ahad, 18 Julai 2010

fairy tale

have you heard a story of a possible happy ending but eventually it ends the other way around..

i guess that's reality..

but an ending can also be just another beginning of a new story..

come, let me tell you a story..

once upon a time,

i have no idea!

its been ages since I updated this blog..

a lot of things happen in these few months..
personal-wise and career-wise.. but have no idea on how how to convey the story..
-- alhamdulillah, been to mecca and madina for a short umrah trip in may :) ,, kalau ada rezeki, mau pegi lagi!
-- found a new eye candy : a very cute guy named choi si won :P (tinggi!)
-- looking forward for all the uncertainties awaits me, even if it's a fairy tale without a definite ending.. life is no fun and excitement without surprises, be it for worse or for better (hopefully the latter) =)


p/s: teringat kata2 una suruh berenti berharap kat siwon..hahaha.. XD


Uena berkata...

hahahaha!! siwon mmg cute~ kalo laaa, kalo laaaa, kalo laaa bolehhh mmg nak!! hahaha~ :P