Ahad, 23 Januari 2011

of the secret garden: tale of the little mermaid

a fairy tale?
i'm asking you stay non-existent like that, and then disappears like bubbles..

you'd rather die than become the little mermaid..so,
i'm going to stay by your side like i'm not there, and then disappear like bubbles..
so right now, i'll openly cling to you..

now, tell me..

from now on, always remember this moment..

don't ruin him!,, i'm begging you..

you told me you'll be my little mermaid..

the little mermaid's ending unfold

the little mermaid's hand holding a knife was shaking..
but next, she tossed away the knife into the waves..
the little mermaid's sight of the prince faded..
and she threw her body into the ocean..

and the little mermaid turns into bubble and disappeared..

you should be proud to be the first and last person i ever write to..
Where I was standing by the window, you can be standing by that window..

Where I was laying in the bed, you are lying there..

The books I was reading, you are reading them..

If we can be together like that..

It is enough for us for really being together..

It is enough for us to be happy as other lovers..

this must be the most selfish decision i made..

don't ever fall for another guy..
live alone thinking about only me..

saranghae.. saranghanda..

disclaimer: all pictures are taken directly from SBS drama Secret Garden with subs from WithS2/Vikii

Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

of the secret garden: the moments

the sit-up

since when you became so pretty?

the magic

she is cursing me, she is not..

i definitely see the lights were on at the house window..

Gil Ra-Im, where are you?

the secret garden

the drink that start it all..

the switch!

since when?? you are me? i am you?


it could not be as easy as that right, the soul switch?

the infamous sparkling tracksuit

yet another one,
and another one,
one by one i tell you..

and more..

are you really wearing that?

the frown

he: "inside your dreams, why is there such a rough place?"
she: "because in my dreams, you are there"
he: "then with me, even in your dreams, you're not happy?"

she:" still, come..and tomorrow too.. and the next day too.."

disclaimer: pictures are taken directly from SBS drama Secret Garden with subs from WithS2 and Vikii

Jumaat, 21 Januari 2011

of the secret garden: and the secret begins..

Do you all know of the Indian Summer?

Before the winter sets in, in the fall, its a glimpse of summer.. Indians, they say hunted for the winter in that brief of returning summer..

That's why they called an Indian Summer, the gift from the Gods.. The Indian Summer for this fall apparently will be accompanied by much rains..

When this rain hits, could it be we'll receive some special gifts from the Gods? .. But whether it's a gift or a joke from the Gods..

I suppose we'll have to see, right Kim Joo Won-sshi?

Am I hearing right? the TV's weather broadcaster just said my name?

" love at first sight? if a man ever tells you he fell for you at first sight, punch him..

Kim Joo Won, while not realizing he had fallen in love at first sight (or not?)

the infatuation

Why am I always thinking about her?

I don’t know why I kept thinking of you, but you’re far from my ideal woman..

My ideal woman is ..

When did I ever fantasize this?!

Okay, I did but..

And you must be below 24 years old!

And you must come from at least the thirty wealthiest family!

Kim! soo han mu~...

My ideal (revised) woman..

A chic, short hair cut, tanned skin..

Doesn’t smile much, gets angry easily, eyes that are a little sad..

Someone that can’t run for Miss Korea because of scars..

Omma, even
if I gone mad..


Hello? Omma?

Kim! soo han moo~..