Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

of the secret garden: the moments

the sit-up

since when you became so pretty?

the magic

she is cursing me, she is not..

i definitely see the lights were on at the house window..

Gil Ra-Im, where are you?

the secret garden

the drink that start it all..

the switch!

since when?? you are me? i am you?


it could not be as easy as that right, the soul switch?

the infamous sparkling tracksuit

yet another one,
and another one,
one by one i tell you..

and more..

are you really wearing that?

the frown

he: "inside your dreams, why is there such a rough place?"
she: "because in my dreams, you are there"
he: "then with me, even in your dreams, you're not happy?"

she:" still, come..and tomorrow too.. and the next day too.."

disclaimer: pictures are taken directly from SBS drama Secret Garden with subs from WithS2 and Vikii