Ahad, 16 Januari 2011

of venting

had been ages since i properly updated this blog..
had quite a few blog materials however those remain in my draft-box and remain being unposts..


work is d*mn stressful.. my personality definitely is not one that fit for my work environment.. there u need to be loud, firm, persuasive, which i am not at all..feel like giving-up sumtimes but when i think about $$, man, i need that!.. i am being too pampered with the luxuryness ever since working here, and we ARE being underpaid if to compare with the industry standard..

the best and a definite good thing working there are the opportunities for you to learn about almost anything and everything.. a lot of interesting things~.. and the people there are nice and very professional.. but the workload!..ommona!.. with (not-so) big money come a whole huge lot of workload/responsibilities, and there are no stopping of new trains from coming!

i guess that's why i resort myself to be in this kpop/drama fanatism.. am noticing myself that i tend to be easily happy and laugh and giddy about anything positive and shining (like the bright morning sky).. am i start to lose my mind? >.<


luv SECRET GARDEN!.. whenever HyunBin smile, i can't help but to smile as well.. when he cried, i found my tears are falling too.. so glad JangHyuk dropped this project (no offense JH's fan - I am one myself) as I can not imagined some one else carry out Kim Joo Won as good as HyunBin..

a must watch drama for whoever claimed themselves as an avid kdo followers!

Maybe I should write a review on this after the finale.. maybe..

Till then..

Kim~~suhanmoo keobugiwa durumi samcheongabja Dong Bang Sak Chichigapo Sarisarisaenta Woriwori Saepeurika Moodoosella gureumi heorikaein dambyeorak seosaengwonae goyangyi badookineun Doldolri..