Ahad, 23 Januari 2011

of the secret garden: tale of the little mermaid

a fairy tale?
i'm asking you stay non-existent like that, and then disappears like bubbles..

you'd rather die than become the little mermaid..so,
i'm going to stay by your side like i'm not there, and then disappear like bubbles..
so right now, i'll openly cling to you..

now, tell me..

from now on, always remember this moment..

don't ruin him!,, i'm begging you..

you told me you'll be my little mermaid..

the little mermaid's ending unfold

the little mermaid's hand holding a knife was shaking..
but next, she tossed away the knife into the waves..
the little mermaid's sight of the prince faded..
and she threw her body into the ocean..

and the little mermaid turns into bubble and disappeared..

you should be proud to be the first and last person i ever write to..
Where I was standing by the window, you can be standing by that window..

Where I was laying in the bed, you are lying there..

The books I was reading, you are reading them..

If we can be together like that..

It is enough for us for really being together..

It is enough for us to be happy as other lovers..

this must be the most selfish decision i made..

don't ever fall for another guy..
live alone thinking about only me..

saranghae.. saranghanda..

disclaimer: all pictures are taken directly from SBS drama Secret Garden with subs from WithS2/Vikii


Fathiah Jasni berkata...

looooovveee this drama too!
mcm nk gile tgk.. abeskan seme episodes x smpi 2 hari.. nanges smpi bengkak2 mate~ adoi~~

p/s: i got the bikbeng shirt :P