Khamis, 13 November 2008

OM - suatu kisah dulu..

It's 12 at night, drunk with a tired voice.
It's 2 in the morning, a cold hangup of the phone.

No one knows my heart. I can't stop love love love.
Even though it hurts, I keep repeating. I can't stop love love love.

Have you ever loved.
Like in the movies where they fall in love at first sight.
Stayed up all night on the phone.
Bragged to the world.
Waited in the pouring rain.
Ran like crazy towards them.
Secretly watched them.
Gone crazy.
Pretended not to see them.

Of course you have, loved.
Gone broke because of anniverseries.
Said sorry even after you did well.
Stayed up all night writing a love letter.
Moved a date with your family.
Prayed to God for them not to hurt.
Avoided friends.
Watched their backs as they left.

(Can't stop love love oh love)
I loved them like crazy why.
I was really good to them, why.
I gave my all.
You've got me going crazy
(Can't stop love love oh love)
I loved them to death, why.
I gave them my heart and body.
I've lost lost everything, what do I do.

No one knows what I'm feeling.
I can't stop (don't stop) love love love
Even though it hurts, I keep repeating.
I can't stop (don't stop) love love love

Have you ever broken up.
Had your makeup erase in the rain.
Cut your long hair.
Picked up a cigarette even though you quit.
Avoided a place thinking that you would meet them.
Written a letter that you couldn't send.
Get drunk and dial their number (hello) had your lips freeze.

Of course you have, broken up.
Hated them as much as you loved them.
Torn a letter you couldn't read.
Erased a number you couldn't forget.
Celebrated an anniversary on your own.
Burnt all the pictures.
Thought that all the sad songs in this world was about you.

No one knows what I'm feeling.
I can't stop (don't stop) love love love
Even though it hurts, I keep repeating.
I can't stop (don't stop) love love love
(Can't stop love love oh love) (x2 i think)


Cry like a fool, get drunk again.
Grab your friends and curse that person.
Time passes, and you get drunk again.
Pick up the phone, say love.

No one knows what I'm feeling.
I can't stop (don't stop) love love love
Even though it hurts, I keep repeating.
I can't stop (don't stop) love love love

No one knows what I'm feeling. Actually you're the only one who doesn't know.
Even though it hurts, i keep repeating. Someday we'll meet again.

-Epik High: Love Love Love-

Lagu yang sesuai ntuk sesape yg tgh heartbroken.. Lagu ni lagu lame sebenarnye.. lagu taun lepas.. tapi di sebabkan baru kenal Epik High, baru taun ni dgr..

just finish my 2nd paper : Operations Managements just now.. comment?.. felt relieved.. since i dont know my coursework marks, i cant really estimates what i'll get.. hopefully, Ya ALLAH let it be A or at least A-.. amiiin~ (high xpectation sgt kah?..there's nothing wrong in dreaming to reach the sky ;p).. the paper was almost similar to past years but probably more challenging than the last 3 semesters'.. the last 3 semesters' were repetition of the exactly same questions ><" (best sungguh).. so it was already expected this semester should be something slightly different question (but still with the same trend and chapters covered XD.. alhamdullilah)..

things need to be done:
- finished up the ACM testing for my FYP (pk pon da tensen..ngaa~..lecehnye nak mencari ramai org yg terlibat neh..gaaaa~)
- finished the complete set of PDP reports : economic evaluation from scratch, detail design of major equipmentku --> absorber yang tinggi sungguh.. design for 2 minor equipments..

Please submit the reports in the following manner:

(1) the group design report in ONE ABBA file (similar to last semester);

(2) the individual MAJOR EQUIPMENT detailed design report in ONE ring-binded file -- label clearly the type of major equipment;

(3) the individual MINOR EQUIPMENT design report in TWO SEPARATE ring-binded file, one for each type of minor equipment -- label clearly the type of major equipment for each file.
-quote dr mr khor-

- study reactor design for petchem (xde sape ade tips ke?) ..killer subjet neh.. lagi susah dari gas process.. next paper --> 27/11 ><"
- analyze results acm.. prepare final presentation fyp .. prepare finalized report ntuk hardbound..
- kena wat clearance

nak balik.. gagaga..

ya ALLAH, biarlah aku grad ngan jayanye.. risau la plak.. keje xpat lg..
ya ALLAH, murahkanlah rezeki ku agar senang dapat kerjaya yang sesuai dengan diri ku..

hepi da nak abes study..xde da terkejar2 nak siapkan lab repots ngan esemens.. xde duk pulun stadi ntuk tests.. xde dah stay up siapkan segala jenis projek2.. xyah tensen2 wat simulation icon x converge2.. xyah xtdo mlm siapkan pdp da.. xyah pening2 alter results fyp da (oops~) .. huu..

tapi kalo da x balik utp da.. xdpt da leech kat dc++.. cane nak folo anime (gundam 00 baru episod 5 skang..ngaa~) .. sape nak donlodkan jdorama ngan kdorama ( tazza x abes lg neh..adess..malasnye nk donlod sendirik kt umah).. sape nak update kan big bang dan laguan2 lain.. cane nak tgk muvi latest tanpa perlu g wayang (quality dvdrip beb).. xdpt nak masuk mirc da.. xley da bising2 kat cenel.. xley da nak slap2 (or cakar2) org.. xley da nak men kuiz or uno virtual.. xde da la aktiviti bermapley.. xde da la g ipow bersama2.. xde da exam kat chancellor hall, mph, undercroft ataupon main hall yang teramat la sejuk.. xde da stadi kat irc (walopon diri ini time xm je jejak langkah kt irc..tu pon ley kire nga jari je..hehe).. xde da tensen (or some yg mnyumpah2) tenet slow dan down..

cam ade tertinggal sumthing je.. pe ek?..

tak ley da nak jumpe membe2 rapat.. harap2 akan selalu keep in touch..walopon ade je yang duk xberapa jauh, tapi bley harapkah akan selalu jumpe?.. member2 satu taman pon once a while je jumpe.. ni kan yang kawasan lain, negeri lain.. nant masing2 sibuk ngan keje.. sibuk ngan life sendirik.. tup tap tup tap dpt kad kawen.. tu pon kalo teringat.. (kalo korg kawen xjemput, siap la.. ade yg kena ketuk kang!..grr~)

sedey la plak.. but still, nak grad.. gudbye utp~.. walau u xrela, i rela ;p ..jodoh kite hanya sampai di sini.. (amiinn~)

untung for the new generations kat utp nih.. byk facilities yang xsempat di rase oleh generasi2 yg da grad dan akan grad.. x saba nak tgk rupe utp after 10 yrs time, after sume planned development die da siap.. ;) .. chaiyok utp~..

nape kah xrase cam da almost 5 taun kat utp neh?

sebab nak abes da 5 taun tu kot.. hehe..

(apekah yang aku ngarut neh?)