Selasa, 26 Ogos 2008

once upon a dream..

all the craps and nonsenses is what separates a dream from reality ;p

when she was busy juggling to hold a few things from dropping in her hand, she suddenly realized she was left behind by the others.. the only one left is him, not far in front of her..

"haih..cane nak lintas nih.." as they came to a highway. In order to catch up with the others, they had to cross the highway. she meant it to say to herself, but somehow she said it too loud..

he look at her with blank face and somewhat irritated. It was the first time she saw that look ever crossed his face. truth to be told, previously, he had already take a few things that she had carried, but still she cant manage to carry the remainder properly (which probably initiate the irritation).

:sigh: she was never good in being organized after all.

then he held out his hand.. she look at his hand, stunned.. what is it?.. say something.. does he unwillingly volunteering to carry the stuff for her?.. after a while, he extend his hand more, pursuing any response from her.. suprisingly, she placed her hand into his.. she can feel the heat crept on her face.. she blushed furiously and dare not to look up.. (aaaa~..malunye!) .. he too, seem startled.. but almost immediately recover and tighten his hold on her hand.. and she ,still with head down and blushing face, was pulled by him swiftly, crossing the empty highway..

even after they reached the other side, he still held her hand.. they walked down the road.. one of her hand still in his, while the other holding her things close to herself.. over time, she manage to gather the courage to look at him and the first thing she said was..

"this is so not you"

She blinked her eyes as the light hit her face.. grabbing her phone, she opened her eyes.. 4pm.. gaaa.. her after-zohor-nap seems had turn to before-asar-nap.. still laying on her bed, she lay there, with no shrug on her face.. xde orang lain ke... :sigh:..

tapi kan.. orang kate kan.. kalo kite tak teringat pon kat orang tu, bile tidur, kite mimpi die.. sebab time tu die tgh ingat kat kite.. hehe.. wishful thinking.. haha..

malu~..tapi post gak blog.. huhu.. aaaa~.. xpe, xramai pon bace blog ni.. ngaa~

p/s: mimpi bukan sengaja.. tak di kira sebagai multi tasking! miss ur messages ;p