Selasa, 5 Ogos 2008

my babies~

last weekend , i went back of the reasons is to get a copy of baby P's geran.. another reason bcuz i dont think i will be back till raya..

so the journey started on a thursday evening, with me and yanie and una who originally said she wanted to convoy with us halfway ( no sign of her after we left the parking lot ;p).. after approximately 4 hr drive, and i'm finally at home.. a happy feeling was suddenly emerged at the sight of my home and cats waiting (walopon tu sebenarnye kucen umah depan datang mintak makan).. yeay~

the best thing being at home, is able to lay on ur own bed.. stare at ur own room's ceiling.. lazing around.. feeling at ease and comfortable .. hehe..

on friday, me and my mom were busy grocery shopping for half the day.. our first stop was to had our breakfast, then to tesco, followed to econsave for veges shopping.. only after that we went to the pasar basah for ikan, ayam, santan, perut and wutever not available at both prior places.. exhausting~ .. but still on the evening, both of us kuar lagi..durian hunting~ nyum2~

the next day, went to pc fair with a friend.. (ade org banje pizza~.. len kali bley banje mkn len plak ;p ) .. unfortunately, i saw someone from my past ( cam aku da tua je..haha).. dont think he saw me because i was walking behind his back.. at first, i was startled, takut salah orang.. but after sometimes looking closely at him, it was him.. pastu pe lagi, lari kot jalan lain la..hehe

at that time, teringat and i laughed at my elder bro's previous words :

i tot u dont have any interest in any guy at the moment?

kejam!.. haha.. but it's kinda true tho ..haha (if there's a guy out there that know me quite well, it has to be him) .. anyway, conclusionnye, what had passed, is in the past, and it will stay that way..lalalala~

coincidentally, my younger bro also went to the pcfair that day.. but somehow, someway, we missed each other.. on the time i entered the pc fair, he just went out from the halls.. haih~ havent since him since he went to upm.. i guess i'll see him b4 raya then..

before i got back to utp, i took pictures of lunch box i just got.. and the little one, being fond of camera strap, immediately join the photoshoot..

his hands~

aww, my baby..mmmuaaahh~

tak sakit pon~

pose cumey~

one wonderful thing i'll never forget, how the little one got jealous of a comic book i'm reading while walking (hehe..malas nak duduk..).. he jumped and hugged me on my waist.. awww~.. if he's a child, i definitely make him mine.. ;)