Rabu, 4 Mac 2009

of maternity to windbreaker..

"umie, umie, ayong jumpa baju comey~"

i quickly drag my mom to the spot, at the maternity dept..hehe~

after trying it out, i showed it out to my mom..

"lawa..", commented my mom..

"kan2?..tapi xnampak cam baju maternity ke?"

"jangan perut buncit da la"

hoo~..kena exercise la pas ni..kononnya.. :P..

cute shirt, taken!

some time later after that, since all the other fitting rooms are occupied, i'm back to the maternity dept to try out the clothes my mom interested in.. i am afterall the official trying-out clothes person..hehe..

and once again, my eyes captured a cute blouse just outside the fitting room.. how could i had not noticed it earlier!

cute blouse, taken!

previously, i showed great interest in cute maternity clothing, and even some of my clothes can pass as maternity clothing, but i never never actually buy anything directly or indirectly from maternity dept.. not that i bother or embarass, but probably i doesnt have the courage to openly admit i favor them..

i like to wear fitting pants and find myself comfortable in them, and since i'm quite a tall person, some shirts may turn out to be singkat or skimpy when i wear them, thus almost always i opt for something a little bit longer.. and it is definitely hard to find a nice shirt that is not loose and not singkat,unless they came from exclusive boutique or very very hard to came across to.. (not that i dont wear singkat clothing, i do wear them occasionally..hehe..but..)..i think that what lead me to maternity clothing, they cute, not singkat, and presentable, and they available in either long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve (i'm too lazy to wear hand socks).. and it can be some kind of fashion too.. and who knows, somewhere down the road, they be can recyle when i am really expecting (if they are still to be found :P)..

and yes, i had finally get hold of the white windbreaker i always wanted for my birthday.. yatta~! XD

"ayong, ayong nak tak sweater putih hari tu..saya belanja..tapi nanti ayong kena belanja balik la"

and so i waited for my brother's promise..but all left was just a promise..cehh.. alih2 beli sendirik je..haih.. seb baik la dari discount 10%, naik jadi discount 30%..hee..it's white, it's huge, and i love it!


Syed @ Don berkata...

ok la tu.. da ada anluri keibuan..

motherly nature, checked!