Rabu, 4 Mac 2009

name evolution..

aside from family and relatives, i used to never allowed anyone calling me aside from faizah.. it was during in form 2, ikin syawal, a fren and classmate, requested to call me faiz as her birthday present.. and so it began, my name variation..

when i had a huge a fanaticism over Sanosuke, the term -sano was added in the end, it lasted a several year tho,until the early year of my life in utp (zaman kanak-kanak ribena,sungguh la kebudak2an.. malu lak ingat balik >.< ..) when i entered utp in the foundation years, my roomates at that time, Sofea and Zainur, started calling me fae..and during my final year, i realized, almost all of my peers are calling me fae..

a postgraduate student, refer me as fai..

there is Yani who also called me faiz..

those that i know thru mIRC, normally calling me fyEk (my nickname for almost everything online aside from sanoluvme) or kucen (from the nickname i normally used for mIRC, kucEn_siaM)..

and Iza, the only one who ever refer to me as Iz..

a close and brother-like friend who was a fellow classmate, Azizi, called me nor..

during my internship, there was this guy called me by Zah.. and seriously, i really dislike it when people calling me Zah/Jah.. it sound old.. haha.. rasa cam org tua.. xmo~..grrr..

and a few days ago, a homeroom senior from my emaresem years, sent me a message:

"Hi fay, how do you do now?"



He used to call me faizah, then to save the letters it turn to be fae, and now it evolutiones into fay..

that is so far the most modernization of my name..hehe..

wonder what's next?


-xkesah pon org nak panggil apa,asal selesa dan janji bukan benda2 x elok.. fyEk and kucen is a norm for UTPians..i am still me, whatever names i respond to ;) -


Husna berkata...

satu lg..
zaki aja kte..

pekjah? heee~

fyEk berkata...


Mohd Noor berkata...

You should thank God that your parents named you Norfaizah instead of Nortaizah. Kalau tidak, Fai will become......

fyEk berkata...


dOtcOm berkata...

haha azizi?~ gg? owh ade rupenye org pggl fay..haha

fyEk berkata...

bukan gg utp ler..