Isnin, 9 Mac 2009

c'est un voyage d'amour..

it's a journey of love..

that is the tagline for Kenzo Amour..

it came with a poem:


late last sunday nite, went to Alamanda Putrajaya with my parents..and finally, after such a long time, i finally get hold Kenzo Amour..yeah~ XD

(da remove Kenzo Amour from my wish list, tapi replace ngan Tohoshinki's new album, The Secret Code (Jacket A - 2 CD + 1DVD)..huu.. mahal seyh..USD50+..ngaa~)

what the official page said about the perfume,

well, for me, it smells somewhat like bedak (which i like..hehe~..not too sweet, not to musky..just nice~) and almost similar to FlowerByKenzo (which i had earlier,b4 my intern..during intern, i used my mom's Estee Lauder's Pleasure :P ) but less the flowery scent..

Amour has 3 SKU sizes of parfume and 2 deodarant products

at Alamanda, they only got the 100ml and 50ml parfum..mine is the 50ml white bottle.. cute and unique bottle,kan?

we were the last ones to leave the parkson's viccinity, and every last staffs left were bidding us goodnite..tunggu kitorg je nak tutup pintu je..mesti dia harap cepat2 kitorg keluar, baru ley derg balik..hehe..

thx ayah, for d parfum ;)

-credits: all images are taken from here-