Khamis, 26 Februari 2009

jalan-jalan cari success..

the first SS501 song i actually liked, all thx to Boys Over Flowers..

Tag : Junction Decision

The picture shall tell the description of the Question but here is the story.

After traveling a long way, you had reach a final junction towards your success. On this junction there are two roads to be chosen. The first road offers you an easy path but at longer journey, very very long one compared to the other one. The second is extremely shorter but also very very difficult as people said "most of them traveled this road never returned".

  1. Which road will you take? (no one can take both road at a same time)
  2. Why do you not choose the other road?
  3. What is the example in your life showing that you actually did choose the road you stated?

1. The 1st road

2. The easy way doesn't mean it has no obstacles at all. To choose the hard way, i need to reevaluate myself. Am I capable to undergo all the adventures? I need to know far is my limit. Will I able to withstand the thorns at the start of the junction? If I fell over the 1st bridge, i'll drown since i cant swim. If I don't, and somehow slip over the 2nd bridge, or the bridge collapse, i probably died. So, NO. The 2nd road will not be chosen.

I prefer having to go through a long, long journey that will test my patience and endurance, but in the end able to taste the sweet success, than taking a short cut but never know how am I going to end up to. There's a saying (and also a movie of the same name), 'There's no shortcut to happiness"..and I strongly felt it can be applied here as well, 'There is no shortcut to success"..

Choosing the 1st road probabbly meant i'm going to achieve succes at slower rates than those choosing the 2nd..But still, if i play my cards well, i can always speed up, and achieve my goal faster and safely in one piece.. and it's all that matter.. :)

3. gud example rasenye stadi kat utp..masuk2, dah di lay outkan macam mana nk perabis 5 taun yg diberi untuk dapat scroll degree.. just go with the flow, but still dlm mengikut flow itu walau ramai yang berjaya, ada juga yang x berapa berjaya dan juga yang kecundang.. maka jalan yang kononnya mudah ini pon tidak lah semudah mana..even dalam jalan yang kononnya mudah pon, ada decision yg xberapa mudah ntuk di buat (e.g specialization?).. maka konklusionnya, tiada yang mudah dlm hidup ini..

Happy 50th Birthday to Ayah~.. Moga di panjangkan umur, dikurniakan kesihatan berpanjangan dan dimurahkan rezeki~


Mohd Noor berkata...

Hepi besday je mana cukup? Kenalah 5 kilogram punya Secret Recipe ke, Tiramitsu ke? Lepas tu letak durian lima biji.

fyEk berkata...

erkss >.< .. tu kena custom made.. xde jual tuh..huhu~