Khamis, 19 Februari 2009

bored..and sick..

it's almost 3 in the morning and i cant sleep.. demm..
my stomach (or should i say, lower abdomen) is killing me, my chest is pounding out of its normal rhythm every now and then (and believe me, this got nothing to do with excitement or anything positive or negative or whatsoever), and i still have the headache i had a few days ago.. and to top it off, i still am slight feverish, eventho not as bad as the night before..

i cant sleep and i'm bored to death..(it hurts too =.=")

even my cats are sleeping,all 17 of them..

qiamulail or reciting Quran?.. jawapan jujur: xcukup baik atau rajin.. jawapan lebih jujur: that time of month..

reading books? ..i just finished reading The 100 : A ranking of most influential people in history just now.. too bored to read any kind of book at the moment..

what to do?


layan gundam lagi kah?



Syed @ Don berkata...

not much that i can help since i am from the different continent of gender. Ha ha ha. But still I can offer you a tag challenge before I sleep (duh~ esok kena tolong mak lak)

be happy to serve a happier world of tomorrow =)

Tanpa Nama berkata...

fae..skinah link fae tau kn blog skinah..hehehe

fyEk berkata...

kita pon link skinah gak~