Ahad, 2 Mac 2008

of me and my selfishness: sleep, another version

ni version len ntuk 'if i can sleep a thousand years'..
tp baru de draft..
nant2 aku update ek..

first draft on 29/2/2008

if i can sleep a thousand years
in hope it'll drain my tears

(missing text: xpk lg..heh)

Dear God, save me from my death
lay out there some unknowing path
that i wish i could have gait (stroll/stride/gait/walk/go through/past through)
and put my life as bet
if only i have the gut

if i can close my eyes and let myself fall
if i can let go and forget all
if i can cry behind this thickening wall
will all these quandaries fly
as the time passes by?

Dear God, i'm scared
will i suffer (pain) when i'm dead

ngarut je sume nih..hehe..takpe2..nant akan di update..