Khamis, 28 Februari 2008

of me and my selfishness : sleep

if only i can sleep and never wake up..
then all this pain is nowhere to be felt..
if only i can sleep for a thousand years..
without dying in the dreamless sleep..
if i were given choices..
death will never be an option..
i don't have the guts to face the other world..
when i'm still a person with faults..
when responsibilities are still on my shoulders..
when my tears are still dripping..
when i havent fulfill their dreams..
when i know i can't leave her, not yet..
all i ask, is just a long sleep..
let me sleep..
Dear Allah..
forgive me..
it's not i'm giving up..
i don't want to give up..
but it's tiring me up..
i just want to run away..
from all these..
from those that made her cry..
from those that made me cry..
from all that hurting..
if i can sleep a thousand years..
if only i can sleep till everythings ok..
till things fall to where they should be..
where i hope they will be..
till then..
all i wish is an everlasting slumber..
so i can't feel anything..
so i can believe everything has go away..