Ahad, 8 Ogos 2010

of work stress and fun time

masjid besi @ putrajaya..xpenah gi lagi neh
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i dyed my hair violet.. ok, before you start jumping it's actually blackcurrant @ dark violet brown

last week had been a very exhausting week.. i was pull back in an issue that involved deferred production.. even lost the opportunity to attend SFD reliability lesson learnt workshop (just pretend you know what's it all about ek)..

so when the weekends arrived, i celebrated it with joy and pleasure, with my finger crossed no one calls me as i'm on weekend duty.. during the weekly grocery, my mom was browsing to buy for dye on her grey hair.. that' s when one dye color caught my eye..

"what color is that?" my dad asked, looking at the 2 permanent hair color..

"violet" :P

my dad goes like "purple?".. my mom malas nak layan da my kerenah..lol..

to my parents relieve, it actually turns out ok.. i would say it looks almost natural.. the violet-ness does not really showed off.. since my original hair is deep black, it looks like just another shade of black, if black have any shades.. under the lights at the right angle, then the violet-ness is seen.. and i like it just the way it turns out, even i may have hoped the color can be more obvious.. hoho~

to tell you the truth, i had been wanting to dye my hair dark violet since i'm in form 5.. i believe that was the time that this dye color was introduced.. but then, both parents definitely oppose that.. i could not dye my hair behind their back, what if it turns out disastrously and become stunning purple?..that'll be a haunting and never-ending nightmare..

hurmmm, what should be next year's colour?..should i try a lighter color?.. or jeng3x: algae green?


P/S: i actually got a call asking me to go to office just now.. ngaaa~

PP/S: selamat berpuasa dan menyambut bulan puasa al-mubarak to all muslim and muslimat~ :)


when googling for hairstyle pics, found this one nostalgic pic:

ahhh, miss them as a group!

da nak bulan puasa neh.. masih melayan kpop lagi..isk2.. >.<"