Ahad, 1 Ogos 2010

of training and taxi

last week, i was given the chance to attend Production Safety School which basically talks about API Recommended Practice 14C, 14J, 500 and 505..

ok, i know, this is very technical..tp nak citer gak.. overally, it's a very good course..

API stands for American Petroleum Institute.. by minimum, industry practices should at least meet API RP in their offshore and production facilities.. We were lucky that the course was taught by one of the original committee that wrote the API RP some ancient time ago.. (and we were told on how how they come out for some basis during the writings, which was so hilarious, though the guy may exaggerate a bit XD )..

I'd learnt a lot and appreciate had taken this training now as things start to make sense to me.. If it were too early,my take-away would probably extra dozing time and good food (i confess, the food is not really great.. it's nice and something new, not the same ol' convention centre's food we always had for meetings- i do like convention centre's food sebenarnye..hehe.. and hard rock cafe? definitely not worth the price tag :P )

API RP 14C talks about the need of having at two layer protection in you facilities.. how to check that you have adequate safety protection of your process.. How you can check whether your consultant is doing the right design and not just lying to you blindly..

being only a green horn in this industry, i do admit, the most stupidest error that i'd seen actually did came from wrong design.. not to put the blame on consultant companies, but designing and actually operating a facility are two different things.. whatever errors had been done in design (or installation) stage may affect some one life 10 - 20 years down the road, if not done properly and safely..

the instructor, being with an engineering problem-solver company, gave us examples of the unsafely design facilities which are real stories in South-East Asia facilities.. and that made me scared..seriously, when you go out there to work, you would not expect something in the facility just waiting to be flying out of orbit because of defect in the designed process safety.. >.<"


every morning during the training, i took a taxi to the course venue. (except for one day when my dad sent me there). on my last day coincidentally, i'd ride the same taxi on one of the previous days of the training.. was planning to dozed off for a few minutes before reaching the place, but the taxi driver was very talkative and the fact that i'd taken his taxi twice to the same place just add into one of topic selection list..

"keje kat hotel ke cik?" asked the taxi driver. in one of the talks, he told me was a government retiree

"tak, ada training" i do get that questions for a few times already, whenever i had taken taxi in early mornings to go for trainings.. when i had said no, they will go "ahhh, i thought so.. u don't look like one" ..but they still ask, probably out of curiosity.. >.<"