Sabtu, 28 Ogos 2010

of near misses

"personnel found pounding chili and prawn paste without wearing goggles"

that is a real, reportable near miss my frens..

what is a near miss?

in a math equation, near miss = hazard + people..

so whenever you found any hazard that can associate or impact personnel, it'll become near miss..

another good example: forgetting to pull your handbrake when parking at a hillside + people lalu lalang = kete langgar orang

why report near misses?

sharing purposes..
in offshore operations especially, all incident and near misses must be reportable to alert others and avoid occurrences

in this company i'm working with, they take high priority of safety whether its personnel safety of process safety.. thus the term SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental) used while other companies opt to used HSE or ESH.. note the S part come first, that is to emphasized, no matter what we do, safety concerns must be addressed first

sumtimes this kinda reporting make you more alert to all the hazards around you all this while, but had never noticed..

so, start reporting and sharing near misses with those you care..
i'm off, nak g beli goggles.. kot2 nanti nak tumbuk sambal belacan, xde la termasuk mata.. :P


kpop idols coming to town in October!! .. ok, correction: they're coming to our neighboring country, singapore..still, my heart is pounding to go!!

not one, but all the big names: BIG BANG, SNSD, SHINEE, FT ISLAND and one unidentified idol..

could it be SuJu? - they had came to Malaysia in March ans they are currently bz with Super Show 3..

if it gonna be DBSK or their post-SME-dispute JYJ or HoMin, i definitely cry my heart out as i wont be able to make it..
da la a week b4 i'll most probably be at singapore..

source: allkpop


Fathiah Jasni berkata...

aaaaa.. nk ikut g s'pore!

fyEk berkata...

haha. FJ pegi kan la.. pastu recordkan.. lol~
xley nak pegi time concert tu..