Ahad, 13 Julai 2008


i'm grateful i came from a background where i can catch the glimpse of the light and the darkness.. being there i can see both of the worlds.. gaining experiences from what is not mine originally and hoping some of it will never become of my own..

there was one secret or rather secrets that had reach me.. quite scandalous, for me.. surprisingly, it does not suprise me.. am i being less sensitive about those kinda things.. or could i have expected that ( jahat sungguh aku)..

somehow i'm grateful being born in this kind of life.. where i am able to see a peek preview of what the real life should be.. where i can feel tempias ( i look at the mr dict and found the word 'scatter', 'splash'? etc, but i just cant feel they are the right word..huhu) of how painful or how beautiful my life could be.. and life really do have its ups and downs, not considering the exam's result.. to have a headache thinking solutions to resolve the 'downs'.. being a person that usually take things for granted and very easy going or just typically too lazy too care (some mistook it for positive thinking.. you are deceived, how can you not see that!) , thinking means it's very very very serious matters.. and to realize that even we live under we roof, all of us may living a totally different lives.. and that's b4 graduation..after graduation (wish me all da best~), how far will all of us be apart, how big will our lives differences become? ..

things that can make you happy dont need to be something big, interesting and expensive ( sum1 promised me to give a birthday present that is big, interesting and expensive and i'm still waiting for it..::wink:: whoever you are out there, you owe me a very expensive one for late charges! ).. things that always make me smile will always be my cats especially a little one that i love to pamper a lot (which is not little anymore..but i still love him!).. running at me every morning, hearing he purred "uwwooooww", climbing my legs, causing a ruckus over dinner .. i missed him alredy, eventho it's only been almost 2 days.. i missed him a lot :'( .. and also the others but i missed him the most.. i really2 wanna hug him now.. and belae too.. and jijie .. and chichie.. and teh.. and tompok@suzi.. and chuchai.. and chomot.. and pipih.. and the 3 kittens and ibu..

my new sweetheart..aww, i miss u!

the kittens..


Tanpa Nama berkata...

good post ended with 'cattish' thingy.. very scandalous


fyEk berkata...

tu perli pe..