Ahad, 27 Julai 2008

sebuah karutan di hari minggu

lately the topics talked about between me and my frens wil be directly or indirectly (which later will becoming the direct ) about marriage.. probably since my rummet is going to get married real soon, insyaallah ;) .. and probably soon will be followed by a few others of my close frens.. woo~

in contrast to my frens, i dont want to settle down at a young age as i am now..(muda kah aku?..haha).. well, one of us, always reminding 22 is not that young any more as time can flies really fast.. but still, for me, it's too early for me..

marriage is supposed to be a once in a life time experience (amiin~).. thus it should be well planned and prepared to be something real special and a super duper wonderful memory..rite?..

one major problems (for me) when considering marriage, is affordability..there are many sub-aspects on the matter.. money, mentality, responsibility and not to forget, .. (i forgot ;p..we'll get back to that later, k? )..

money is what makes the world get going.. without money, one cant live.. with lots of money, one get drifted away.. that's not the point here.. in marriage, money may be one of the essential things to make sure the marriage has a potential to survive.. love only, without the cash cant feed you..love only cant pay your bills.. i'm not materialistic but i'm just being realistic.. from the JAKIM statistics, we can see increase in number of divorce cases, which most of them related with financial problems.. set aside the after marriage case, nowadays even an engagement ceremony costs a lot of hard cash..-sigh-..

for almost every women, they dreamed of getting married.. and i am definitely included ^^ .. the excitement of getting married, wow~ .. the hantarans, the clothes ( una main point..hehe), the rings ( if the family follow closely to the malay tradition, you can get more rings.. one for merisik, one for engagement, one for akad nikah.. wo~.. anyway, i definitely gonna make sure one of them will be couple rings.. you gonna spend the rest of ur life with that person, why not share the same piece of jewelry to remind the both of u ;) .. and if he can afford diamond & platinum that'll be much better XD ) , and also the fun and headache in managing the walimatul urus..

see, with promotion, diamond & platinum is still affordable~

sometimes went window shopping, my mom and i will go browsing thru textile stores such as euromoda and gulati's (there's one in kajang) and see all the possible wedding dresses.. wow~.. i can really imagine how fun it is to shop for the pre-wedding and wedding dresses.. and if i really were to marry, i wanna buy them not just rent them.. after so many many years, looking back at your own wedding gown will definitely bring back sweet memories.. my mom still have her wedding gown folded neatly in the cabinet at home ^^..

getting married is really an excitement..but am i ready to live as a married person?.. dont think so.. haha.. excited je lebey..

and i havent found the one.. the one that i can imagine to and want to spend the rest of my life with.. i admit, i'm the hopeless romantic type.. where i want to be with some one that can sweep me off my feet.. someone that i can console to thru thick and thin, and him to me.. when considering my stone-cold heart, it is almost the same as waiting for sanosuke to fall from the sky XD..


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kalo cik tunggu sanosuke jatuh dari langit, jandi ANDARTU la nampaknyer. haha..

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