Jumaat, 5 Mac 2010



been throwing up everything i ate these past 2/3 days..

arrived back late tuesday..starting to feel stuffy..

off day on wednesday.. nausea feeling started to be stronger.. my appetite limited since all came out in the same form they were eaten.. diarrhea at night..

thursday went to see the doctor.. prelim 1st opinion, "are you married?" concluded from my nauseous state..urgggghhh.. nonos! ..
the real, revised 1st opinion, diagnosed with food poisoning.. given MC 1 day.. spent the whole day hibernating with heavy headache..

friday.. in the morning, motion sickness affected by motion literally..fell like tumbling down everytime i move a lot especially after taking medications.. advise to go back early by my colleague but by the time i went back, it was post lunch time but still early from office hour.. kurang kepeningan da tapi balik gak..hee..

the culprit? --> probably the very-not-appetizing meal i ate on the Korean AIR flight on the way back since everything started from there.. eurgghhh...

x makan byk mana, tapi x kurus2 gak.. haihhh..