Ahad, 21 Februari 2010


previously my average weight is around 53 kg..
when i went for med check-up, 1 month before i started work, i was 51 kg.. probably worrying about depletion of my savings has some contribution here..
now, after more than 10 months working, i weighted 56.5 kg..

i used to wear jeans sized 28, now i dont even want to know or chose not to know what size i can fit in, definitely no longer 28 ..
and excess fats are showing here and there..
i used to have flat stomach without a need to exercise at all!
how i wish it lasted..
i dont even eat as much as used to eat back then when i'm still at utp!

i had planned to go gym..
i even bought a new pair of training shoes for that sole purpose..
but i had only wear it like, 2 times?.. :P
to exercise after office hours seems to be good as a plan,only to realize to actually do it is kinda near the low side of any probability..
its not everyday i am able to leave my office right on time at 5 or 6.. normally when i'm too sick to look at monitor screen, then will only i just leave everything, w/out even bothering to log out.. hee :P

anyone has any good tips to lose some/ much fats?
i dont mind the weight, as long as i lose the fats..

thinking of going to london weight management..
maybe in a thousand year..


Y0nd13 berkata...

Dah kate daa joggin je kat park tu petangx2 .Sehari 3 round .. dah laa

fyEk berkata...

haha..sy xsekental awk..huhu~
mimpi jogging pon tak, apatah lagi di dunia nyata..