Sabtu, 4 Julai 2009

Story of Two Man

kim kang woo..

very much impressed with him in his latest drama, Slingshot aka Story of A Man..

first seen him in a 2008 movie, Le Grand Chef

baik dan inesen sungguh dalam cter nih..
i almost cried at the scene when he need to sembelih his beloved cow..huu..

This 2009 K-drama just finished airing in Korea, but still halfway in Astro Channel 303 every Monday and Tuesday at 2110 hour (jejom tgk reramai~)..

eventhough the hero is Park Yong Ha (of Winter Sonata fame), I was drawn by Kim Kang Woo's character, the bad guy - a very ruthless , mean, selfish and only care for his beloved dongseng but is very charismatic and manipulative.. da la encem~ hik hik~

This K-drama may not be the highest rating drama, but it is indeed one of the best storyline in a K-do I had watched..

Instead of Story of A Man, in my opinion it should be Story of Two Man.. The drama actually tells story of two guy..
1. Mr Nice Guy, Kim Shin (Park Yong Ha) - due to bad circumstances, he lost his brother whom he always look up to, his family become a mess, thrown into jail,his gf left him (or is it the other way around?).. and now seeking revenge from the one that caused it all, but still deep inside a very much innocent and good guy..
2. Mr All-High-And-Mighty, Chae Do-Woo - the cause of Kim Shin and other's life turn into terrible situation..arrogant, skillful, selfish but very firm on what he wants and nothing can stop him,yet.. plus he has no feelings, compassion or anything except for his younger sister, Chae Eun-soo to an extent of an obsession..

Chae Eun-soo (played by Han Yeo-Woon) eventhough seem to be a minor character is actually the one who drive the storyplot and make the story intense and interesting..

I really2 lovesssss this drama~~~..fully recommended, seriously..


iklan jap..

hikss~..cumey walopon iklan lama..
oh ya, Soillaem (ntah cane nk eja tuh) adalah eskem..