Isnin, 27 Julai 2009

Kim Kang Woo dan Suatu Hujung Minggu..

did i ever mention i luv i kim kang woo?

i just luv him or to be exact his potrayal of genius pyscho Chae Do Woo~.. luckily i was offshore on wednesday --> i get to see the final episode of Story of A Man on tuesday!.. it was not a happy ending, but still the ending is good.. the kdo left the viewers with a feeling, 'is there more to it?', 'whaaat? ommona..'.. cant wait to see him in his next projects..

I spent my 1st weekend offshore..just got back from kerteh this morning.. esok da masuk opis balik..aah, malasnya~ >.<".. this trip was more lively than my previous 2 visits.. i didnt get sunburn since it's all cloudy there (yeay for that~ :P).. i was there to 'felt' pig arriving from the satelite platform (woot~)..i experienced fire drill 2 times there (tetiba blurr sketika time bila dgr fire alarm..bley plak terfikir, "eh, fire alarm? tipu je") .. got to know lots of nice ppl.. overally, it was ok~~

i get on Semangkok on Wed and went back on Sunday.. It was in the mid of heavy rain when i take the chopper back.. Siap kena usik ngan sume kononnya chopper kensel, frust da kejap..isk2..tipah tertipu!.. spent the nite at awana, before going, rasa cam nk demam plak..ngaa~..

Semangkok this pix from Flixster

Semangkok is an old platform, producing oil since 1980ish (kot) and located approx 250km offshore Kerteh.. When I was there, they were doing blasting and painting at Module 1, so i wasnt able to see much of it..still, i had the chance to browse around, looking here and there.. and i wasnt as scared to walk on the grating as previously.. i had a chance to see turtle ( a real life one!) yet another time when i was at the cellar deck..hee~.. i'm still kinda scared evrytime boarding the chopper though, the blades always give me goosebumps..ngaa~ >.<"

ehem2.. thx for a certain sum1.. ;)

sekian, till next time..

konvo sudah makin menjelma, selepas tu menanti pula bulan Ramadhan al-Mubarrak..hurrmm..utp, see u one more time~