Rabu, 22 Disember 2010

of an untold story unfold

it was only the day before my 24th birthday that i was told quite an interesting story that happens back 24 years ago:

near midnight of Dec 19, 1986 my uncle was simply kalut.. it was raining heavily and had started flooding as per the scheduled monsoon season.. at my grandmother house, my mom was already in labor pain despite my birth date outlook to be tentatively Jan 31, 1987.. the village clinic's nurse was away on vacation.. the nearest bidan simply declined to come as she was not booked.. the only choice left is another bidan who lived quite far and need to cross a bridge.. once my uncle reached the bridge, the bridge was flooded with overflowing water thus unable to distinguished between the river and the bridge.. this one river was known to have its inhabitants, thus when my uncle actually stepped into one of their heads, he immediately snatch a tree branch and ketuk ketuk ketuk ketuk their head and hurriedly, running across the river to the bidan house.. i was born just right when the clock strike twelve with my uncle the bidan safely made it despite the dangerous encounter..

the not so dangerous crocs


aaahh.. I am 24 now.. spent the day travelling back from KB to home.. but had had a nice dinner at Koryowon! once reached KL .. heee~.. i just love the tender and juicy beef bbq-ed korean style wrapped in fresh crispy lettuce..nyumm!

Not to forget, happy engagement to Kak Tie!

kenapa tak rasa cam da tua setaun pon? :P