Ahad, 17 Oktober 2010

of so called classic coffee shop

I realized kopitiams nowadays require the customers to do self servicing either by browsing the menu given at table and ticking the prepared order form; or order the food, pay, and collect the food at the counter.. no more the conventional way where the waiter/-tress would ask the customer and recommend today's special (altho half-boiled eggs and toast are the favorites).. and sumtimes, they still charge you for service tax!

this morning, i had my breakfast at one kopitiam in bangi, the one that is near to masjid hasanah and hospital az-zahra & an-nur, the one owned by one of members of the country legendary rock group (am I being too descriptive here?)..

Not to complaint, but I have to admit the service is quite lousy.. when we first arrived, there was a few other customers arriving at the same time with us.. instead of taking orders, noticed that 2 waiters in front of us were cleaning the same table (DUH!) while some waiters(-tresses) are just idling at the counter, chit chatting.. maybe they do assigned everyone to special job description i.e. cleaning-up table, taking order, delivering ordered items but when you can see customers streaming in and waiting for someone to respond to them, it is clearly the job assignments was not done effectively..

after quite sometime, one of the waiter came and placed the menu and order form, on the table without saying anything (courtesy 101 anyone? ).. it was only after approx 30 minutes, someone from the kitchen come out and approach us:

Kitchen guy: "sorry cik tapi nasi lemak ngan ayam and sotong da habis"
(we ordered 3 nasi lemak with chicken btw. however only 2 show-up)

Us: "nape tak bagi taw awal2..da tunggu 30 minit baru cakap"

Kitchen guy: "tadi masih ade tapi sbb ramai order da habes.. "
(erkss..does the reasoning make sense?..why accept the order if you cant cater for it?)

In the end we resorted to just get a toast,but less than a minute a waiter served nasi lemak with chicken to the table in front of us who came later (!!!) .. i don't hold grudge to that table thou.. at least our food arrived at about the same time.. for them, only after one of the spouse finished up the nasi lemak plus some waiting time, did his wife meehoon arrived..

but if i were to think again, what does it take to serve a pre-cooked and readily nasi lemak and ayam till they need at least 30 minutes to get it served?

my first time at the kopitiam was back a few years ago, the food was nice especially their nasi dagang and they do have good service.. went last year and the food quality and service seem not as good as it used to be.. but now, they definitely deteriorated to a great extent especially in the service region (the toast, as in 2 slice of toasted bread with kaya and butter was NOT nice.. the nasi lemak was OK la).. kind of a waste as a strategically located malay kopitiam is a rarity..


for kelantanese, they definitely have at least heard of nasi tumpang, if have not engulfed themselves in this unique delicacy.. no?.. are you REALLY a kelantanese?..hey, i'm a half kelantanese myself and had enjoyed it quite number of times.. shame on you! :P

definition of nasi tumpang: nasi-impit-like-rice packed in a cone-shaped banana leaf.. a pack of nasi tumpang consists of an omelette, meat floss, chicken and/or shrimp curry and sweet gravy.. it is traditionally meant for travellers

did some googling (not oggling :P) and found two places that do serve nasi tumpang in Klang Valley: Warung and Belanga.. both are located at Midvalley: near entrance from KTM and gardens respectively.. aaah, mengidamnye~.. should plan a visit there soon, very soon..


Y0nd13 berkata...

kopitiam tak yah gi jauhx2 .. Borak tepi giant tu dah mantap a

fyEk berkata...

penah pegi waktu dia mula2 buka dulu.. macam x menarik je fod dia..haha

far berkata...

fyek, tumpang lalu~ he =p

fyEk berkata...

far.. hi!..pekaba?..kat ne skang?