Khamis, 10 Disember 2009


my 2nd time to singapore was for standing in for my team lead who cant make it..
in a way, it's a good advantages for me ;)..
tapi still penat dr flight tgh hari tadi..

the most interesting about this trip is the hotel..
sgt suka hotel ni..
beshh dan menarikkkk~

22 Mount Elizabeth
Singapore 228517
Tel: (65) 6738 5888
Fax: (65) 6510 1938

yang menggoda pasal hotel ini adalah bilik hotelnya..
the price is Singapore Dollar 258++ inclusive of complimentary breakfast, lunch, coctail, dinner, and minibar in the room.
Oh ya, complimentary pick-up from hotel with Mercedes E Class juga..
isnt that tempting?
(xbeshnye sbb mknn dia xcertified halal..ley mkn roti ngan buah je la..aiseyyy~)

tingkap dia ada switch blind yg buley diturunkan di kala malam atau maw bersexyan di bilik..

biliknye king studio, sebelah katil tu adalah shower dan toilet yg see-thru.. ehemmm! inilah kegunaan

open pool at 12th floor..nice~
(pic taken from:

author caught red-handed.. XD
did i mention wifi pon FOC?

besh pergi kalo nak berhoneymoon~~

note: found Samsung YP-P3 16G idaman hati cuma Singapore Dollar 299 = approx. RM750 je.. aisey..tergoda sungguh..