Khamis, 11 Disember 2008

rain part2

what if we were together..
will it end up the same as what i had experienced before..
will it eventually just became a past memories to both of us..

what if..
if else..

both of us never knew each other..
in the past years of our study, we only met a few times, passing each other at the corridor, not noticing each other..most of them in the early years of my study, where i was still acting like a child, unwilling to grow up..
the only thing i knew about him is his name, that was not even his full name, just what his friends called him..
the only thing he knew about me is i am a friend to someone he knew, and not even knowing my name..

thus, the question what if are never fit to be rise up..
when in truth both of us barely know each other..
even when perhaps once upon a time ago we were attracted to each other..

one rainy night, being sick in my bed, my mobile beeped..

hey missy, sleep well.. may tomorrow be a day as beautiful as what u dreamt tonite..

with a smile, i closed my eyes..perhaps we, at least can be acquaintances..

that night i had a nightmare..



what does he put in for my name in his mobile's address book?