Isnin, 22 September 2008

rain pt 1

it was raining when i met her for the first time..

she was standing there, clutching her red umbrella as if her life depends on it.. whilst, I was drench from top to toe, awed by her.. even in the busy crowd, packed with people of all kinds, she was distinguishable and able to stand up from the others.. with her bright eyes sparkling, with her raven hair flowing freely with the rhythm of the wind, with her proud and elegant face.. i was unable to not notice how all the males turn their head to look at her even for a short moment.. and there she was, smiling so sweetly toward my direction.. at me?

i was never a person that believed in love at first sight.. it was something i always detest as it was driven by the physical and most probably initiated by lust.. something that seem impossible to happen for an all average person like me.. but that was before i met her.. my heart beat twice faster when i saw her looking at me.. i blushed a deeper shade of red as she came nearer to me.. when she spoke, the world became silent and her voice was the only thing to hear.. when she laughed, i can felt my spirit lifted up with a wide grin plastered all over my face.. if this was not love, what was it?