Sabtu, 10 Mei 2008

i luv! : black tulips~

KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 (Bernama) -- The rare and beautiful black tulip, known as the "Queen of the Night" due to its dark hue, is to make its debut appearance on the eve of Mother's Day at the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines' annual charity tulip sale here.

KLM country manager Estee Ng said the airline would be flying in 200 stalks of the tulip as well as 2,800 stalks of the normal colourful tulip for the charity sale. Mother's Day this year falls on May 11.

The black tulips will be sold at RM50 a stalk and the normal tulips at RM6.

"We could only bring in 200 of the black tulips. And these are the real black tulips, not the dark purple tulips which are also known as black tulips because of their grading.

"The reason we chose tulips for this charity sale is because tulips are renowned as a Dutch symbol and also reflect the beauty of mothers, Ng told a news conference at Hospis Malaysia, here.

tulips are always my favorite flowers ever since i was little, followed by orchids, lilies and sunflowers. This was probably influenced by my mother who also loved tulips and orchids. ^^
mmg dari kecik2 agi, kat umah kalo wat flower decoration, mesti mak gune bunga tulip (tp bkn bunga tulip betul ar)..even lukisan pmandangan pon, landscape ladang tulip..tapi skang ntah mne sume tuh..huhu..

bile bace berita ni cam xcited je.. as far as i know, bkn senang nak carik tulip itam..huwaaa~..nak gak.. 2 pon jadi for my mom and one for myself. ^^

tapi mahalnye..rm50 per stalk..haih~

sok mother's day..mest best kat umah nih..mesti de makan2 yg best..wawawa~
huu..nak balik~